Astounding set from the mighty Viceroys live and unplugged in Earl “Chinna” Smith’s backyard.  Another unique and truly original release in the “Inna De Yard” series by French label MakaSound.  High-quality vinyl transfer, the way you like it, only at MIDNIGHT RAVER.


01 – Heart Made of Stone
02 – Ya Ho
03 – Mission Impossible (not included)
04 – I Guarantee My Love
05 – So Many Problems
06 – Love Jah
07 – Last Night
08 – Slogan on the Wall
09 – Shadrach, Meshach And Abendego
10 – Rising In the Strength of Jah

Recorded in Chinna’s yard, Kingston 10, November 2005, by Clive “Dub King” Geffrey & Earl Smith Jnr.
Produced & arranged by Earl “Chinna” Smith & The Viceroys.

Musicians : All guitars : Earl Smith, Bo-Pee, Sangie Davis, Wesley Tinglin (acoustic)
Keyboards : Robbie Lynn, Lloyd Palmer
Percussions : Jah Youth, Kiddus I, Red, Burchel, Kush McAnuff, Ras Appa, Alphonso Craig
Drums : Alphonso Craig, Kush McAnuff

Also included here is a rare feature on The Viceroys written by Leroy Pearson which appeared in The Beat