If you have not had the rare opportunity to listen to ‘Glory Dominion Power Majesty,’ then you are missing a near-religious experience.  If a better roots reggae compilation album exists, I have not listened to it.  The music contained on this double-LP is “roots to the marrow.”

A fascinating compilation of seventies reggae out of Canada’s Half Moon label produced by one Oswald Creary and containing rare tracks from Joe Higgs, Carl Dawkins, Stranger Cole and Johnny Osbourne alongside such unknown names as Pluggy Satchmo and Rothadam. Actually, Higgs’s tune, “Creation”, is probably the best known tune here as it was released in the UK on Ethnic Fight label in the mid-seventies. The Half Moon sound has similarities to New York’s Bullwackies set up, slightly off-kilter keyboard sounds and eccentric Upsetter-ish mixing. A Real curiosity…

It is extremely hard to find as I am told there were only 500 pressed to vinyl.  The CD is easier to find but still rare as hell.

So I selected my favorite tracks from this treasure of an album and present these selections here for you…


Joe Higgs – Creation
Dill Smith – Set Me Free         
Stranger Cole – Freedom, Justice & Equality
Pluggy Satchmo – What Rasta Say     
Rothadam – Sampson         
OJ – Things Felt Right
Bongo Ossie* & Moonlights, The – Sky Jacking Version         
Pluggy Satchmo – 23rd Psalm
Bingi Kicks & G. Campbell – Black Society