Here is a classic Bob Marley and the Wailers performance at Manhattan Center, NYC, on June 21, 1975.  In addition to the fantastic lossless audio, we now have some video which can only be described as phenomenal.  As part of the ‘MARLEY’ documentary push in 2012, the Marley family had the video recording upgraded to high-definition, however, very little was actually featured in the film.  It was released as a special feature on the Blu-Ray DVD of ‘MARLEY.’  Thing is, as far as I know, it is only featured on the DVD release in Europe.  My DVD copy does not contain this footage.  It is the highest quality video footage of a Marley performance in existence.

Bob Marley And The Wailers

June 21, 1975

Venue: Manhattan Center
City: New York City
State/Province: New York
Country: United States
Recording Source Audience

Bob Marley, vocals, rhythm guitar
Aston Barrett, bass
Carlton Barrett, drums
Al Anderson, lead guitar
Tyrone Downie, keyboards
Alvin Patterson, percussion
The I-Threes, backing vocals

1. “Trenchtown Rock”
2. “Slave Driver”
3. “Burnin’ And Lootin'”
4. “Concrete Jungle”
5. “Kinky Reggae”
6. “Midnight Ravers”
7. “Lively Up Yourself”
8. “No Woman, No Cry”
9. “Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock)”
10. “Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)”
11. “Natty Dread”
12. “I Shot The Sheriff”
13. “Nice Time”
14. “Talkin’ Blues”
15. “Bend Down Low”
16. “So Jah Seh”
17. “Get Up, Stand Up”