Here is an EXCLUSIVE that you will only find here at MIDNIGHT RAVER!  As I have said before, Bim Sherman may be the best singer to ever emerge from Jamaica in my generation.  His voice is so haunting and delicate that it brings a whole new vibe to any recording he appears on.  Since his death nearly 15 years ago, obtaining authentic Bim Sherman first press vinyl, or even represses for that matter, is nearly as difficult as finding authentic Yabby You recordings.  This stuff is gold among collectors, and justifiably so.  So if you ever see a Bim Sherman on the Sun Dew, Century, Scorpio, or even On-U Sound labels, snatch it up if you can.  It’s value will never diminish, and it will most assuredly increase in value as the years roll on.

I think these demos are significant because you can clearly listen to his voice and hear how delicate it really is.  It’s raw, but it exposes one of the greatest instruments you will ever hear:  the voice of Bim Sherman.

I Just Can’t Stand It
I Just Can’t Stand It (Demo 2)
My Woman
Golden Locks
Over the rainbow
Missing you