This is one of the most wild, psychedelic, and spaced out dub albums I’ve ever heard.  Spawned from the genius of Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound, UK) and Style Scott (Roots Radics, drums) comes the vastly underrated 1978 Creation Rebel Dub LP “Starship Africa.”

Here is what one of my favorite bloggers ( had to say about this album:

“Originally recorded in 1978 (following the recording of Dub from Creation), the mighty Starship Africa was already envisioned as the debut album by one DJ Superstar, toasting over a series of rhythms performed by the basic Creation Rebel unit, with Misty in Roots’ Tony Henry on superbly melodic bass. These original tapes have long since vanished — the project was canceled (Adrian Sherwood declared the results “lame”) and it would be another two years before he returned to them, while casting around for the maiden release by a new label he was involved with, 4D Rhythms. Remixing and re-recording the rhythms saw Jamaican drummer Style Scott recruited to play live over Charlie Eskimo Fox’s original tapes; an additional half a dozen percussionists, drawn from whoever happened to be in the studio at the time, were additionally overdubbed, with Sherwood camouflaging their basic lack of timing and rhythm by employing some truly wild phasing and echo. Indeed, his 4D Rhythms partner Chris Garland allegedly spent most of the session encouraging Sherwood to take the effects as far from the norm as he could, to the ultimate extent of mixing the tracks blind. The result is an album that has been compared to acts as far afield as Tangerine Dream and the Grateful Dead, a truly spaced-out dub experience that, spread over just two tracks (albeit broken down into five and four movements apiece), stands among the most intriguing of all Sherwood’s earliest creations.”


1  Creation Rebel – Starship Africa Section 1 
2  Creation Rebel – Starship Africa Section 2 
3  Creation Rebel – Starship Africa Section 3 
4  Creation Rebel – Starship Africa Section 4 
5  Creation Rebel – Starship Africa Section 5 
6  Creation Rebel – Space Movement Section 1   
7  Creation Rebel – Space Movement Section 2   
8  Creation Rebel – Space Movement Section 3  
9  Creation Rebel – Space Movement Section 4  

Creation Rebel is:

Bass – Lizard
Drums – Eskimo Fox, Style Scott
Guitar – Crucial Tony
Melodica – Doctor Pablo
Organ, Piano – Bigga Morrison*
Percussion – Mr. Magoo, Sucker
Producer – Adrian Sherwood
Synthesizer – Doctor Pablo