**I am reposting this interview which was originally posted on February 11, 2013 because Roger informed me that a page was missing from the interview.  So here is the interview in it’s entirety.

Today I get to share with you a real special interview.  Back in 1995 Doctor Dread and Roger Steffens fly down to Jamaica to do an interview with Gregory Isaacs, a man who did very few interviews.  However, he promised the interview to Doc, who oversaw his publishing for more than 20 years. 

What ensues is a frustrating “cat and mouse” game where Roger and Doc try to pin Gregory down for the interview on several occasions only to endure and witness first hand the spiritual, mental, and physical torture inflicted upon the uber-talent by his rampant drug use.  Eventually, Gregory relents and grants the interview, and Roger follows with this piece in The Beat – my favorite interview and, in my opinion,  the finest piece Roger ever wrote for The Beat.

I have also included a mix of my favorite Gregory tracks. 

Gregory Isaacs, the most prolific, most influential, most popular Jamaican artist since Bob Marley.

gregory_isaacs_steffens_beat(issn1063-5319_Vol3) 1993_Page_1

1. Confirm Reservation
2. Party in the Slum
3. Slum Dub
4. Private Secretary
5. Secretary (Version)
6. Word of the Farmer
7. Crops Dub
8. Rock Dis Ya Reggae Beat
9. Motherless Dub
9. One One Cocoa
10. One More Time
11. The Border
12. Cool Down The Pace
13. Poor Millionaire
14. Poor and Needy  Dubwise
15. Night Nurse