On August 3, 1983, Peter Tosh w/Word, Sound, and Power joined Talking Heads and Stevie Ray Vaughan on The Police’s historic and record-setting Synchronicity tour, opening for the English trio in front of 30,000+at Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec.

Here is what one Police fan had to say about the show:

“Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Martha Quinn was this crazy thing called a VJ when MTV actually played videos, I went to a concert in Montreal at Olympic Stadium where I got to see Stevie Ray Vaughn and Peter Tosh.  Sponsored by MTV, it was an all-day event.  It was incredible. Then it was the Talking Heads. They were so awesomely wonderful, even when David Byrne threatened to throw one of the cameras into the audience because MTV wouldn’t put their act on the big screen. Aww, my misspent youth, thinking that was cool when I was 17 years old.  And then it was The Police. As I know very little French, Sting spoke language of love the entire concert, although I could only identify the dirty ones.  So, The Police were part of my coming of age, and I’m pleased they are together. The reasons mean little to me, I just think it’s groovy.”

Here is an audio interview with Peter from Montreal, August 1983: