So for the next several days I will be sharing selections from the Roots, Rock, Randy’s box set released in 2012 by VP Records.  The set of seven 7″s, executive produced by Clive Chin,  include rare selections from Chin’s private archive which he made available to fans this past year.

The first 7″ I’m sharing is Roots feat. Wailers Band “Evil That You Do” with a flip of  “Don Won Dub” performed by the Wailers Band.  The original 7″ was produced by C. Chin and P. Shirley for Above Rock.  Both tracks are extraordinarily solid roots tracks masterfully recorded by Chin.  Notice the strength of the vocal in “Evil That You Do”, never getting lost in the heavy mix, which features the mighty Barrett brothers on the drum and bass.  The name of the woman singing lead on this track is Carol Nelson (direct from the mouth of Clive Chin).  The Barrett brothers’ mastery and command of the riddim is what stands out on “Don Won Dub”.  Their playing is flawless.

VP’s Roots, Rock, Randy’s box set is fast becoming a rarity as it is a limited release which is being bought up by the masses.  It is still available for a decent price through most online dealers.  Grab one before it’s too late!