This is the fourth in a series of posts put together by Fred “Reggaelover” P where he selects a photo to share, and the photographer describes the circumstances and context within which the photo was taken.

Just a few lines about what I remember of the Bob Marley gig in Zurich:

It was very hot in the biggest indoor venue of Switzerland (10’000 attending) that day in May. It was the first and (alas) only concert of Bob Marley in my country. The interaction between Bob and the audience was very strong during the whole gig.

Most of the fans sung the songs and danced. The venue was like an ocean in the colors green, yellow and red. However the concert was not a ‘big party’, it was not exuberant , Bob Marley was very much in control and more reflective songs calmed the crowd.

I remember the rendition of ‘Redemption Song’ very much – the intensity was so strong, but Bob seemed so frail an incredible moment never to be forgotten.


Ueli Frey –