Here is a magical tape.  Gregory Isaacs performs a short set of his heaviest tunes backed by the Roots Radics.  Its 1981 (first 3 tracks) and 1982 (last 4 tracks).  Because it was taped for broadcast on the BBC, the audio quality is stellar.  Better yet, Dave Dade’s and Martin Colley’s mix is as perfect a mix as you will find for a live reggae recording.

The real standout here is the musicianship of the Roots Radics.  They are as tight as ever and they sound incredible.  The mix makes them sound almost supernatural.

Enough from me.  Hear it for yourself:


Gregory Isaacs
BBC Session
(John Peel show)
Maida Vale Studio 4
London U.K.

Gregory Isaacs : Vocals
with Roots Radics:
Dwight Pinkney : Lead Guitar
Style Scott : Drums
Erroll Carter : Bass
Eric Lamont : Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Johnson : Keyboards

Producer : Tony Wilson
Engineers : Dave Dade & Martin Colley

1. Confirm Reservation   3:06
2. Permanent Lover       3:12     
3. Front Door >
4. Substitute            7:33
5. That’s Not The Way  4:04
6. Cool Down The Pace  3:40
7. Night Nurse         3:55
8. Sad To Know You’re Leaving  4:33