An introduction to Hugh Mundell, who I will be writing on next.  His debut album ‘Africa Must Be Free By 1983’ is widely regarded as one of Augustus Pablo’s two masterpieces, the other being ‘King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown.’  The latter is often referred to as the greatest reggae album ever recorded, with the title track often referred to as the greatest reggae/dub song ever recorded.

I am sharing Mundell’s rare live performance in Paris 1980.  Big up MIDNIGHT RAVER contributor and owner of DUBWISE GARAGE.  This is extremely rare audio.  Understanding it’s value to fans, collectors, and archivists, he recently took the time to upgrade this audio and it sounds great.  Such important works.

To properly introduce you to Mundell, I have included an article by Roz Reines that was published in Melody Maker magazine on November 15, 1980.  Many thanks to blog contributor Roger Steffens, who tracked this down and shared it with me.

1. Hugh Mundell intro.
2. Let’s All Unite
3. Hugh talks to crowd
4. Revolution A Come
5. Can’t Pop No Style
6. Fat Little Short Man (1)
7. Africa Must Be Free (1)
8. Fat Little Short Man (2)
9. Africa Must Be Free (2)
10. Hugh talks to crowd
11. Africa Must Be Free (3)
12. Nobody Loose

Melody Maker
November 15, 1980
by Roz Reines