I have included here the 1979 Survival Demos.  I also included a news article from the Jamaica Gleaner, published August 1979, which speaks to the success of the first single off the album called “Ambush In The Night.”

Originally slated to be titled Black Survival, Survival is an album with an outwardly militant theme which explores the themes of black nationalism, Pan-African solidarity, and injustice at all levels. Marley took a great risk in releasing such a politically and racially charged album, especially after releasing such a mellow album in Kaya the year prior.

The record album front cover by Neville Garrick depicts 48 flags of 47 African countries and one flag of a Pacific island nation (row 7, column 3; included because of Marley’s warm relations with tribes people ala the Maori and Hopi). Presumably the flags were in use when the album was designed, in preparation for publishing in 1979, though many became obsolete.


Bob Marley and the Wailers 1979 Survival Demos

  1. So Much Trouble In The World
  2. Zimbabwe
  3. Top Rankin’
  4. Babylon System
  5. Survival
  6. Africa Unite
  7. One Drop
  8. Ride Natty Ride
  9. Wake Up And Live
  10. Mix Up Mix Up
  11. Rastaman Live Up
  12. Blackman Redemption
    13.Soul Shake Up Party
  13. She Use To Call Me Dada
  14. Jungle Fever
  15. One Drop
  16. Ride Natty Ride
  17. Mix Up Mix Up

  1. Rastaman Live Up
  2. Blackman Redemption
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Soul Shake Up Party
  5. Top Rankin’
  6. One Drop
  7. Ride Natty Ride
  8. Wake Up And Live
  9. Blackman Redemption
  10. Top Rankin’
  11. Rastaman Live up
  12. So Much Trouble In the World
  13. Rebel Music
  14. Get Up Stand Up

  1. Blackman Redemption
  2. Zimbabwe
  3. One Drop
  4. Ambush In the Night
  5. So Much Trouble In the World
  6. Rastaman Live Up
  7. Babylon System
  8. A Little Jam
  9. Unknown Instrumental 1
  10. Unknown Instrumental 2
  11. Unknown Instrumental 3

Thanks to my good friend Dubwise Garage for the audio.