Tuff Gong is a record label that was formed by The Wailers in 1970 and named after Bob Marley’s nickname, which was in turn an echo of that given to founder of the Rastafari movement, Leonard “The Gong” Howell. The first single on the label was “Run For Cover” by The Wailers. After 1973, the Tuff Gong headquarters was located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica.

Bob Marley and the Wailers entered the newly refurbished Tuff Gong Studios on May 1, 1980 to rehearse songs for the upcoming Uprising tour which starts June 1, 1980 in München, Germany.  A film crew is at the rehearsal to film footage for a JBC documentary on Bob Marley and Tuff Gong.  Much of the rehearsal was captured on film, and it has become legendary footage.  I have included much of the rehearsal session here in a You Tube playlist.

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I have also included lossless (m4a) audio outtakes from the rehearsal session.  These outtakes include 10 tunes, each in several rehearsal versions.

*I apologize.  There was no info.txt file with these recordings.  Some of these files may be lossy as I cannot verify the source with no info.txt file.  Also, there may be duplicates.  Still worthwhile if you don’t already have.

I converted the FLAC audio to Apple lossless (m4a) for better compression.  You may convert the files back to FLAC or WAV without losing any audio quality.


Bob Marley and the Wailers
Tuff Gong Studio Rehearsal
May 1, 1980

    Revolution cut(KR).flac
    Revolution cut(NSC).flac
    Revolution cut(Up-Reh).flac
02.Real Situation
    Real Situation(FWT).flac
    Real Situation(TGR).flac
    Real Situation(Up-Reh).flac
    Real Situation(Up-Reh320).mp3
03.Zion Train
    Zion Train False Start 1(TGR).flac
    Zion Train False Start 1(Up-Reh).flac
    Zion Train False Start 1(Up-Reh320).mp3
    Zion Train False Start 2(TGR).flac
    Zion Train False Start 2(Up-Reh).flac
    Zion Train False Start 2(Up-Reh320).mp3
    Zion Train(DSM-UpReh).flac
    Zion Train(FWT).flac
    Zion Train(INL320).mp3
    Zion Train(NTL).flac
    Zion Train(TGR).flac
    Zion Train(Up-Reh).flac
    Zion Train(Up-Reh320).mp3
04.I Shot The Sheriff
    I Shot The Sheriff(DSM-UpReh).flac
    I Shot The Sheriff(INL320).mp3
    I Shot The Sheriff(NTL).flac
    I Shot The Sheriff(TGR).flac
    I Shot The Sheriff(Up-Reh).flac
    I Shot The Sheriff(Up-Reh320).mp3
05.Bad Card
    Bad Card(DSM-UpReh).flac
    Bad Card(FWT).flac
    Bad Card(KR).flac
    Bad Card(NSC).flac
    Bad Card(TGR).flac
    Bad Card(Up-D3).flac
    Bad Card(Up-Reh) (2).flac
    Bad Card(Up-Reh).flac
    Bad Card(Up-Reh320).mp3
07.Pimper’s Paradise
    Pimper’s Paradise(DSM-UpReh).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(FWT).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(KR).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(NSC).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(TGR).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(Up-D1).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(Up-D3).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(Up-Reh) (2).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(Up-Reh).flac
    Pimper’s Paradise(Up-Reh320).mp3
08.Forever Loving Jah
    Forever Loving Jah cut(FWT).flac
    Forever Loving Jah cut(KR).flac
    Forever Loving Jah cut(NSC).flac
    Forever Loving Jah cut(Up-Reh).flac
    Forever Loving Jah(DSM-UpReh).flac
    Forever Loving Jah(TGR).flac
    Forever Loving Jah(Up-D1).flac
    Forever Loving Jah(Up-Reh).flac
    Forever Loving Jah(Up-Reh320).mp3
09.Concrete Jungle
    Concrete Jungle(DSM-UpReh).flac
    Concrete Jungle(TGR).flac
    Concrete Jungle(Up-Reh).flac
    Concrete Jungle(Up-Reh320).mp3
10.Redemption Song
    Redemption Song(KR).flac
    Redemption Song(NSC).flac
    Redemption Song(Up-Reh).flac