Like many talented Jamaican musicians from the golden age of reggae, Carly met an early, violent end at the age of 36, ironically the same age that Marley met his physical death.  Whilst returning home one night from grabbing dinner after a rehearsal, Carly is ambushed outside of his Kingston residence by a gunman and is shot dead.  While the murder is officially recorded as a domestic matter, rumors still abound regarding the rights and royalties afforded to Wailers musicians for their contributions to the Wailers’ international success.

One thing is for certain though.  The world of music lost a heavyweight that day.

Included here is a radio tribute produced by Roger Steffens that was broadcast on Steffens’ popular US radio show “Reggae Beat” soon after Carly’s murder.  It contains live performances, interviews, and Roger reasoning with several of Carly’s closest “bredren” about his importance to the reggae movement.

An important and rare audio broadcast that is not regularly circulated, this is definitely not to be missed.

Many thanks to Dubwise Garage for the article and photo

“Forever Loving Jah”
For Carlton Barrett

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Please visit the Dubwise Garage Carlton Barrett Tribute page.  Audio originally sourced from Dubwise Garage audio.