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While studying Peter Tosh , specifically the year 1976 , we found out that Peter Tosh was on schedules for 3 events and was at a concert in NYC.

Note that the fact the performances were planned do not mean that they really took place, it’s a long process to verify if an event was really done.

At Midnight Raver we do all by passion, without acces to big vaults or so, nothing came easy, its a long work, but it’s being pure passion 🙂

Glen, Doug, Joe, Michael will surely agree on this :).

Here for you 3 dates from 1976 :

1976-02-XX Club Roots, Chela Bay Hotel, Boscobel, Jamaica

The first one we wanna mention , was a performance meant to be done at the Roots night club , inside the Chela Bay Hotel , in Boscobel.

Here are adverts with Peter Tosh mention :

Roots Club Advert
Roots Club Advert
Roots Club Advert
Roots Club Advert
Roots Club Advert
Roots Club Advert

All originals adverts came from the Kingston Gleaner, circa 1976.

we do have checked the concerts schedules for this month but still cant find anything proving that Peter Tosh really played there.

1976-02-01 zap pow
1976-02-04 inner circle
1976-02-05 inner circle
1976-02-06 inner circle
1976-02-07 inner circle
1976-02-08 inner circle
1976-02-10 righteous foundation
1976-02-11 righteous foundation
1976-02-12 righteous foundation
1976-02-13 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-14 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-15 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-17 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-18 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-19 ras michael & sons of negus
1976-02-20 toots & the maytals
1976-02-21 toots & the maytals
1976-02-22 jack ruby disco
1976-02-23 light of saba
1976-02-24 light of saba
1976-02-25 light of saba
1976-02-26 light of saba
1976-02-27 burning spear
1976-02-28 burning spear

The second date we do mention being :

1976-08-28 Jamaican Arts Award Show & Ball, National Arena , Kingston

this one being an official ceremony award coupled with musical events, held inside the National Arena, Kingston.

here for you original advert :


the line up of artists, bands here is impressive :

Ken Boothe, John Holt, Jacob Miller, Big Youth, Carl Dawkins, The Tamkins , Freddy Mc Kay, Cynthia Richards, Inner Circle, Third World, We The People.

Its not clear if peter tosh played there, but if so it would have been almost his first appearance since the release of legalize it in jamaica.

thirdly , we wants to mention a tour date, in the United States, in Connecticut :

1976-10-15 Westport Community Theater, Bridgeport , Connecticut

1976-10-15 - original advert
1976-10-15 – original advert

that concert was ment to be held inside the Westport Community Theater, in Bridgeport, 15 of October 1976.

this one was almost surely cancelled.

to end up we’ll mention a peter tosh appearance , in New York City , Bottom Line Club:

JUNE 30, 1976

Peter Tosh and Al Anderson were there as VIP , guests .

we do hope that YOU like this kind of posting, we loves reggae music, its all about Roots & Culture.. 1 love

Thanks to The Kingston Gleaner , The Bridgeport Telegram newspaper , The Bottom Line Club Archive.