I love this interview with Bob Marley.  He is so close to becoming an international superstar.  By this point he has become a huge star in Jamaica and in the UK, making his mark there with the Lyceum Theatre run in the summer of 1975.  Here we find Marley at Hope Road, readying the release of Rastaman Vibration, and preparing for a tour of North America.  He played the small club circuit on the Natty Dread tour and the upcoming US tour will feature him playing the university circuit.

The interview is somewhat prophetic.  Journalist Ray Coleman asks “When will you know when your job is done?”

Marley replies “Because I will feel myself satisfied and I will feel tired!  And God will tell me. And the people will see and tell me.  It is redemption now, you know.  No one can stop it.”

And that is how it happens.  Even his use of the word “redemption.”  “Redemption Song” being the final song on his final record.  I have always found it so interesting how self-aware he was at all times – almost as if he’d been shown the blueprint.  It’s really chilling.