It is my pleasure to share the great work of French trader KAZO on the Midnight Raver blog.  Of the many archivists and collectors I know, few if any have spent the time that KAZO has to make The Wailers‘ rare and unreleased material available to the fans.

Over the past several years, KAZO spent countless hours painstakingly compiling the most important and influential reggae tracks ever recorded.  Examples of KAZO compilations include:

  • The Black Vinyl collection: presenting tracks from 7′, 12′ and LP exclusives
  • The Demos collection: demos, rehearsals, dubplates and this sort of things
  • More cool reggae, KAZO records a/b sides: collections of nice reggae sides

I am thankful that KAZO is sharing some of his most important work on the Midnight Raver blog.  I will continue to share whatever he approves for posting with my readers.  Stay tuned and keep checking back as the KAZO page will be updated weekly.

The newest addition to the KAZO page is the Original B-Sides Dub Collection.  This is exclusive to the Midnight Raver blog as this is the only site where you can obtain the FLAC audio files.

CD1: 56:41
01    Rock It Version
02     Ravers
03    Stop That Train (instrumental)
04    Belly Full Version
05    Knotty Dread Version
06    Rebel Music (Version)
07    Talking Blues Version (DJ)
08    Concrete (JA, Jah Live Version)
09    Rat Race Part 2
10    Who The Cap Fit (Part 2)
11    Smile Jamaica Version (slow)
12    Smile Jamaica Part Two (fast)
13    Exodus Version
14    Waiting In Vain Dub
15    Punky Reggae Party Version 1
16    Crisis Version

CD2: 59:57
01    Who Colt The Dub (Echo Mix-Black Ark Sessions)
02    I Know A Dub (Echo Mix-Black Ark Sessions)
03    Blackman Redemption Version
04    Don’t Give Up (Rastaman Live Up Version)
05    So Much Trouble (Instrumental)
06    Ambush In Dub
07    One Dub (7”)
08    Ride Dis Ya Dub
09    Rub-A-Dub Style (Bad Card Version)
10    Dubbin In (Coming In From The Cold Version)
11    Every Need Got An Ego To Feed (Pimper’s Paradise Version)
12    I Know Version (7”)
13    Dub In Trenchtown
14    Buffalo Soldier Version (JA 7)
15    Three Little Birds Dub (1984 mix) 
16    Redemption Song Version (Xtract from 12”)